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“Participant Stories: A Personal Take on Mental Health First Aid Training”

By Kevin Nield

Last year I was lucky enough to participate in the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course at the Out Doors Inc. Participant Wellbeing Convention in Anglesea. Enrolling in the MHFA course with Out Doors Inc. was a decision I made not just to help others, but as someone who’s had their own struggles, I was looking to understand mental health better. The experience went beyond my expectations, offering me skills and insights in a setting that was surprisingly refreshing.

Real Skills for Real Situations

The course was nothing short of enlightening. We tackled everything from identifying signs of mental distress to handling crisis situations with tact and empathy. Being on both sides of the conversation at different points in my life, I appreciated how the course emphasised respect and understanding in every interaction.

Role-plays made the learning stick, allowing me to step into scenarios that were as real as they get. And as I learned to support others, I also found new strategies to manage my own mental health.

Looking Ahead

Now, as Out Doors Inc. gears up for their June MHFA program in the Brisbane Ranges, I find myself excited for those who’ll take the same steps I did. The course isn’t just about being there for others; it’s also about being there for yourself, understanding your own needs, and learning how to meet them.

Following lunch participants will have the opportunity to stretch their legs on some easy pace walks through the Brisbane Ranges which has numerous interesting and varied tracks to follow. The mix of course work and walking should provide a relaxed atmosphere throughout the trip and be a good mix of mental stimulus and physical activity. This is sure to lead to some pleasant discussion in warm and comfortable surrounds alongside some hearty meals and socialising.

So, What’s the Takeaway?

If you’re thinking about doing the MHFA course, I’d recommend it. It’s not just about getting a certificate to hang on the wall – it’s practical stuff you can actually use. Plus, you get to hang out in the great outdoors, which is never a bad thing.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore mental health first aid – whether for personal reasons or to support those around you – I can’t recommend MHFA training with Out Doors enough.

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