Out Doors’ Commitment

  • be flexible and responsive to the individual needs of participants seeking to access or are engaged with our services.
  • maximise choice and independence.
  • enable participants to access services as part of their goal; and
  • acknowledge the important role families have in assisting their family member to realise their individual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual capacities.

View Out Doors’ Organisational Principles here.

Participant Rights

  • Receive services of the highest standard regardless of social status, age, gender, race, family situation, sexual preference, intellectual, physical or psychiatric disability, religious or political belief.
  • Be treated with respect.
  • Know the identity, professional status and qualifications of staff.
  • Have privacy during individual consultation with staff, and discussions about service delivery.
  • Communicate in the language of your choice and have access to an interpreter if necessary.
  • Participate in activities safely and be free from harassment, threats, abuse, etc., from other participants.
  • Expect confidentiality in any information communicated to staff, apart from circumstances where you or another person are potentially at risk.
  • Expect to be informed and to give written permission before information is shared during referrals to another agency.
  • Be involved in program planning and evaluation and have the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Seek assistance from staff or management if you have a complaint.
  • Have an advocate, e.g. friend, family member or another person present at meetings with staff after first notifying Out Doors of their wish to do so.
  • Be free to withdraw from involvement with Out Doors, preferably after discussion with a staff member; and
  • Participate in the governance and management of Out Doors through membership of the organisation and election to the Council.

View Out Doors’ Participant Handbook here.

Dignity and Respect

All participants have the right to treatment that respects their dignity and privacy.

  • Provided with a private interview room or a private space in communal areas when discussing personal information and/or concerns.
  • Where appropriate, consult with individual participants regarding overnight facilities and privacy.
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment, both onsite and offsite.
  • Whilst on overnight programs, stay in places that are safe, clean and secure.
  • Where participants are placed in an environment not optimal for privacy due to overriding considerations such as safety and risks, showing respect and established privacy space/s as soon as practicable; and
  • Supporting participants goals for their recovery are fundamental drivers for the services they receive.


All group members are responsible for ensuring that all participants are provided with a safe environment, free from bullying or harassment or racial vilification or sexual harassment. We believe that all individuals are entitled to respect and acceptance regardless of colour, race, gender, age or religious belief.

The Group Rules are listed at the back of the Trip Information Sheet and are also discussed at every pre-program meeting to ensure that all participants are aware and understand the expectations.

View Out Doors Inc. Group Rules here.

Choice and Control

Out Doors respects and support the rights of participants in exercising choice and control about matters that affect them. This is defined in more detail in the Choice and Control Policy.

View Out Doors’ Choice and Control Policy here.

Support Person(s)

Out Doors encourages prospective participants to bring in a support person if they feel more comfortable. If it is assessed that it is in the best interest of the new participant to have a support person accompany them for their first-day activity, Out Doors will ensure that transport allocation and food is also allocated for that person.


The Australian Privacy Principles (APP) are principles-based law. Out Doors Inc. (Out Doors) has adopted these principles in relation to information handling practices and the diverse needs of individuals.

There are 13 Australian Privacy Principles, and they govern standards, rights and obligations around:

  • the collection, use and disclosure of personal information
  • an organisation or agency’s governance and accountability
  • integrity and correction of personal information
  • the rights of individuals to access their personal information

View Out Doors’ Privacy Policy here.


You have the right to make a complaint. If you have a complaint or grievance, you can raise and resolve it using the procedure outlined in our complaints handling policy. During this process, you are entitled to a representative of your choice and will not be disadvantaged by lodging a complaint.

View Out Doors’ Complaints Handling Policy here.

Click here to submit feedback or complaints, including anonymously using our online form.


In line with the procedures outlined in the NDIS Price Guide, in the event, a participant cancels on short notice or is a no-show Out Doors Inc. reserves the right to charge the full cost of the confirmed activity.

Short notice means the following:

  • The required notice period for a day trip: 2 Business Days
  • The required notice period for all overnight trips: 5 Business Days

For further information please refer to Out Doors’ Cancellation Policy here.

Feedback and Get Involved

Out Doors values your feedback, compliments, ideas and suggestions. Participants also have opportunities to get involved in the governance and management of Out Doors through membership of the organisation and election to the Council. Other ways of getting involved:

  • Subscribe and provide content for our participant lead newsletter (Out Doors Ink) and online Facebook group (Out Doors Online),
  • Please provide us with feedback at the end of each activity via a survey, and
  • Contact us via email or phone to leave feedback on our programs or any other related Out Doors matters.