Out Doors Inc. (Out Doors) is registered to provide support for NDIS participants and can provide support to people with including mental health issues, their families, and carers across Australia.

Out Doors Inc. (Out Doors) is a registered NDIS Provider (#4050002688).

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1. How does it work?

2. How do I access Out Doors’ programs?

3. What forms are required?

4. NDIS Fee Schedules

5. Questions?

How does it work?

Individuals will need to apply to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to ensure they are eligible for NDIS funding.

Once they are deemed eligible, a planning meeting is then set up between the participant and NDIA to discuss the type of goals the participant would like to achieve.

Funding is then allocated to help the participant achieve those goals.  The participant can then choose any registered NDIS service provider to facilitate their NDIS plans.  The plan is reviewed every year and the participant can nominate for support required to achieve the set goals.

How do I access Out Doors’ programs?

If you feel that Out Doors is able to support you with your goals, please contact us via email to provide additional information which you can present at your NDIS planning meeting.  If you already have an NDIS Plan and would like to attend Out Doors’ programs, please contact us to discuss your funding and opportunities to attend.

Note: all new participants regardless of their funding agreement must attend a day program and an overnight program before being able to attend multi-overnight activities.

What forms are required?

All NDIS funded individuals who are new to Out Doors and wish to attend our programs will be required to sign both:

  • a Service Agreement – the Out Doors’ Service Agreement outlines your rights and responsibilities, cancellation, fees and type of programs available. The Service Agreement is for the period of your NDIS Plan and must be updated with each plan if you wish to continue
  • a Referral Form – the Out Doors’ Referral Form includes a Medical Form signed by your GP and/or psychiatrist

Once the forms are received, you will be invited to meet with a staff member to discuss your goals and determine if Out Doors is able to support you and provide activities of interest that link to your goals.

Both forms can be obtained by contacting Daniel Dobber, Intake and Community Liaison Coordinator as part of the intake process.

NDIS Fee Schedules (click to download)

Learn more about how you (or your Health Provider) can use your NDIS Plan at Out Doors:

I am an Individual (aged 16+)

I am a Health Provider (referrals)

Weekday Program Fee Schedule

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NDIS Fee Schedule

Weekend Program Fee Schedule

For Out Doors’ Weekend
NDIS Fee Schedule


If you have any queries or require more information about the NDIS and Out Doors, please contact Daniel Dobber, Intake and Community Liaison Coordinator, on 03 9417 2111 or by clicking here.