Out Doors Inc. (Out Doors) is lead and staffed by experts in the Mental Health field, Business and Community sectors.

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1. The Council

2. Management Team

3. Staff

4. Mentors

The Council

The Council of Out Doors is an elective, representative, and collective body.

The Council consists of 9 members with various skills who have an interest in the mental health area and volunteer their time and expertise to the organisation. Length of Term Tenure of Council members is two years. Outgoing Council members may stand for re-election to vacant positions at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Council members take ultimate responsibility for the governance of the organisation. The function of the Council of the organisation is to collectively ensure the delivery of its objects, to set its strategic direction, and to uphold its values. The Council is collectively responsible and accountable for ensuring and monitoring that the organisation is performing well, is solvent, and is complying with all its legal, financial, and ethical obligations.

Out Doors Inc Chairperson Allan Davey

Allan Davey

Allan Davey is the Director of Davey Innovation, a consulting business specialising in policy development, research management and government relations...Read More

Out Doors Inc Deputy Chairperson Caryl Hertz

Caryl Hertz

Caryl Hertz held various positions in leadership and management roles spanning across several industries both in Australia and internationally...Read More

Out Doors Inc Council member and Treasurer John Marshall

John Marshall

John Marshall is a retired Finance Director with over 50 years experience in accounting, finance & general management...Read More

Nathan Schram

Nathan has more than a decade of experience in Corporate Advisory, Investor Relations, and Marketing & Communications....Read More

Council member Carole Hatherly

Carole Hatherly

Carole Hatherly is an experienced registered nurse who has been a participant of Out Doors and a valued mentor for the past 6 years...Read More

Out Doors Inc Council member Darryl Flukes

Darryl Flukes

Darryl Flukes is an experienced executive across the energy supply chain with a strong focus on renewable energy, wholesale markets and risk management...Read More

Out Doors Inc Council member Rahul Chauhan

Rahul Chauhan

Rahul Chauhan has over 13 years’ experience in marketing strategy, media planning, campaign management and customer insights...Read More

Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison has spent more than 25 years working as a counsellor and educator in the fields of drugs, youth and offending behaviours....Read More

Management Team

Out Doors is managed day-to-day by a team of experts in their chosen fields who have decades of experience in the mental health space and outdoor adventure programs.

  • Iudita Trifa-Schmidt, CEO

    Iudita Trifa-Schmidt

  • Simon Morrison

  • Jeny Gosal, Senior Finance Officer

    Jeny Gosal

  • Calum Leckenby


Out Doors has 13 full-time and part-time staff who are based in Melbourne. Our staff team is made up of qualified outdoor education workers, social workers, educators, marketing, administration and finance professionals. Out Doors has 15 Sessional Outdoor Program Workers who work casually to assist with program delivery.


Out Doors currently has a team of mentors who provide assistance and support to both participants and staff. Their contribution to the smooth running of trips is invaluable and their own development is of great benefit to the organisation, the participants and the wider community.