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Meet the Team: Mel

In this edition of “Meet the Team,” we introduce you to Mel, our dedicated Intake and Assessment Coordinator at Out Doors Inc. Mel joined our team in January 2024, bringing a passion for the outdoors and a wealth of experience. Her journey with Out Doors Inc. began with a simple call to explore sessional work opportunities, which led to her current role. Mel’s love for nature and commitment to helping new participants thrive in our programs make her an invaluable member of our team. Plus, she has excellent taste in movies. Read on to learn more about Mel’s favorite outdoor activities, her inspirations, and how she navigates her own mental health challenges.

When did you first become involved with Out Doors Inc and how did it come about?

I started with ODI at the end of Jan 2024. I wanted to get back to working in the outdoors and I called – just to chat and see if I was someone ODI might employ for sessional work. Lisa told me they had a different position – intake – would I be interested in applying for that. YUP!

What is your role now with Out Doors?

Intake and Assessment Coordinator.

What is your favourite thing to do at Out Doors?

Meeting new participants, and then being out on program with them for their first program.

Where is your favourite place to visit with Out Doors?

I haven’t been to too many places, but I was in the King Valley a couple of weeks ago and that was stunning!

Have you always enjoyed being in nature, where did your love of nature and the great Out Doors come from?

I have always enjoyed being outside. We always camped as family – camping or outdoor activities. That must have been where it came from, because I don’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t spent time in the outdoors. 

What is your favourite activity or thing to do in the outdoors?

I love walking and hiking. I hope to be carrying a pack on my back and hiking the trails until I’m very, very old!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

I live in Ocean Grove and I actually can’t think of anywhere else I would prefer to live.

What do you do when you’re having your own mental health challenges?

I go hiking. If I can’t get away for multiple days, I go for a walk on the beach, a cold water swim (the water down my way is VERY cold), walk in the nature reserve. Then I plan my next hike – with family, a friend or by myself.

What is your favourite movie?

The Secret life of Walter Mitty.

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