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Participant Stories: “Benefits of Walking”


By Stephen Duff

Time to get out and smell the roses… literally!

What’s not to like about walking? It’s free, it’s easy on the joints, and there’s no question it’s good for you. It also lowers the risk of blood clots, since the calf acts as a venous pump, contracting and pumping blood from the feet and the legs back to the heart, reducing the load on the heart. 

Here are 12 brief benefits of Walking: 

  1. Improved Circulation
  2. Shore up your Bones (Improved Bone Strength) 
  3. Enjoy a Longer Life. 
  4. Releases Natural Painkilling Endorphins.  
  5. Lose Weight. 
  6. Strengthen Muscles.  
  7. Improve Sleep. 
  8. Support your Joints. 
  9. Improved your Breath. 
  10. Slow Down Mental Decline. 
  11. Lower Alzheimer’s Risk 
  12. Do More For Longer 

If you would like more information, just visit the Arthritis Foundation Website. You’ll also find more information regarding Health & Fitness.   

Please remember guys, if you have any health concerns, please check in with your GP before starting any new health regime.  

Till next time… 

Stephen Duff  

(All information sourced and supplied from the Arthritis Foundation Website) 

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