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Participant Stories: “Mindfulness Exercises”


By Stephen Duff

l would like to share a simple mindfulness technique that I’ve picked up along the journey so far. 

I try to be mindful of using this technique when I’m starting to feel anxious or overwhelmed.  

Firstly, l acknowledge the anxiety in my physical body through my thoughts.  

Secondly, l attempt to slow my breathing down by breathing in for 3-5secs in through my nostrils, hold for 1 second and then breath out through my mouth for 3-5secs. Continue for at least 30 seconds or until you start to settle down. 

I find that this grounds me by counting the seconds in and out, while also concentrating on my breathing and counting out the numbers either loudly or in my mind, it will distract my negative thinking and bring me into the moment… which is what we’re after. 

Lastly, I’ll talk to my subconscious and make myself aware that l am currently in a safe place, that No One or thing, is trying to hurt me at this moment. All the negative thoughts l was feeling overwhelmed with have washed away.  

They are usually thoughts about the past or sometimes can be thoughts about the future, usually something I’m overthinking and making a mountain out of a mole hill from. 

This technique can be used almost anywhere, anytime. There is no time frame on how long you need to do it for, or how often. Even slowing your mind down for 30 secs or more, can be an enormous benefit to your overall wellbeing.  

The trick is… being mindful about being mindful.  

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and any suggestions on this edition or further edition. 

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