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Participant Stories: “The Italian Friendship Group Holiday”

By Maria Bonacci

Ciao everybody my name is Maria and I run an Italian friendship group. Our yearly highlight of the group is having getaways with Out Doors Inc. However, we were really missing the whole friendly team and adventures due to Covid restrictions.

This March, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Where we brought some of our passions together, such as cooking, dancing, music, and more! We all enjoyed trying new things and working together to cook dinner where we made various dishes including delicious meals of gnocchi, meatballs, and an unforgettable homemade Italian sauce just like our mothers used to make.

During the five amazing days, we got to do many activities. One highlight was the beach and the nature walks as the weather was just beautiful. It was like a breath of fresh air or as we all said “Aria Fresca”. The walking truly made us feel alive and helped some of our old legs. We often had lunch outdoors, which was lovely. We saw so many birds and other wildlife that we don’t often get to see back at home.

It was great to see the women smiling and enjoying themselves and seeing everyone experience new things. We all really enjoyed the cottages as they were very cosy and welcoming. They had all the facilities you could need. One night we thought we would go out for dinner, but we decided to have a pizza dinner instead where we spent hours chatting and laughing. Like all adventures, this getaway is one to remember.

Thank you to the fantastic Out Doors Inc. staff.

Grazie molto gentili,

Si spera ci sara’ un altra volta!!

Ciao ha tutti

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