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The Great Ocean Road Wellbeing Holiday

By Caz Hatherly, Tammy Krslin, and Brad Virgona

As we gather, ten participants and three staff headed for Aireys Inlet for a five-day adventure. We feel a gentle reassurance as we see familiar faces in the group and introduce ourselves to some new Out Doors participants who are getting their first chance to attend the Great Ocean Road Wellbeing Holiday.

The accommodation was situated in a natural setting and was lovely. We were very close to the ocean and lighthouse and went on a small trek to the lighthouse on arrival. The day is moving into the night and there is laughing and chatter around the kitchen during meal preparation.

One of our favourite walks was the clifftop walk which was amazing. Along the way, there were breathtaking views of cliffs and the ocean below, where surfers were trying to catch some waves. We didn’t need to walk far to see another beautiful view. Our walks along the beach and rocky shoreline were both fun and interesting, with some of us taking the chance to paddle in the water.

Another favourite was the Moggs Creek Nature walk. We crossed several small bridges before we arrived at the creek which was beautiful. The creek was flowing down a hill, while the rocks were all covered in bright green moss. Everything was a beautiful green colour except for the water flowing gently between the rocks. This was very special.

Another highlight of the trip was a meditation led by Out Doors Inc. staff, Mo, who always offers her knowledgeable insight during our walks instinctively sharing a connectedness to the country as we meander through the natural environment. We stop and are encouraged to be as quiet as possible and then we close our eyes and engage wholly in nature. Our focus and attention shift to the melody of beautiful sounds of the bush, as we let this sink deeply into our souls.

At night we liked to sit on the balcony and listen to the ocean. It was so loud we felt like we were sitting on the beach. We could hear the waves noisily pounding, breaking, and coming into shore. It was a wonderful sound and we felt like we could sit there forever.

For lunch on one of the days, we went to the Sheoak Picnic Area and gathered around with all our picnic food and ate a delicious feast. We also went for a walk through the green trees, ferns, and shrubs to the Won Wondah Henderson Falls. It was a gentle track with a few rises that was 1.8 km each way – about a 1 to 2-hour walk.

Our cabin accommodation was fantastic, and our fellow companions were all a terrific group. During our adventures, there is a steady push of encouragement that we can achieve the physical activity and for those hesitating, there is lots of support. The Great Ocean Road Wellbeing Holiday is a great escape for beginners.

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