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Participant Stories: “The Three Gorges Walks and Drumming Holiday”

By Kevin Neild

The Drumming Holiday and Three Gorges Walking trips were combined to create a fantastic Out Doors program at the Brisbane Ranges, just West of Melbourne. I was lucky enough to attend and joined a group of eager participants who spent a lovely week with ideal weather for bushwalking.

Because the two trips were combined there were different activities on offer with some of the group taking the opportunity to get in touch with their inner rhythm through a drumming program in the morning moving and shaking followed by heading out in the afternoon to meet up with the walking group for a shorter, easier walk.

The walking group headed out each day to explore a different gorge, Anakie Gorge, Lerderderg Gorge, and Werribee Gorge all located just West of Melbourne. The weather was just lovely for bushwalking with the sun out and cool temperatures, ideal to appreciate being immersed in a variety of environments.

The three gorges we explored had their own special features such as Anakie with its steep and challenging terrain, Lerderderg Gorge with three stepping stone river crossings that we traversed, and Werribee Gorge which features steel cables that we used as hand grips to traverse a section of trail overlooking the Werribee River (as shown in the photo above). All three gorges presented a challenge of their own which made each very enjoyable.

At the end of the day, we all enjoyed coming together and recounting stories of our day’s activities while enjoying delicious meals. The accommodation was good and warm with plenty of space and good facilities.

It was another great week away with Out Doors that was enjoyed by all.

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