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Participant Stories: “Rafting: Awesome and Amazing”


By Carole Hatherly

My favourite camps have been rafting camps. I’ve rafted twice on the Mitchell River and I would love to have the opportunity to do it again. 

Safety is an optimum requirement for rafting. Out Doors’ staff teach you all aspects of safety on the raft:

  1. How to correctly use the paddles
  2. how to safely place them in the raft when not using them
  3. How to pack and unpack the raft
  4. Where to sit on the raft
  5. How to hang onto the ropes on the raft, and
  6. How to hold on to the ropes going through the rapids 

They teach us – how to safely pull someone back into raft if they fall into the water.  

The staff also have a throw rope if they need to use it. 

It’s just awesome paddling along the river. The sound of the water, so quiet and tranquil, seeing and hearing birds and animals, beautiful different trees and very interesting rocks. 

Going through the rapids is the biggest adrenaline rush. You hang on tight as the raft goes through the rapids, you paddle like crazy, it’s very bumpy and sometimes you hit a rock and the raft spins around but it’s the best feeling ever and so much fun! 

When the day is done we stay at a camping site. A lot of teamwork is required, unpacking the rafts, putting up tents and cooking dinner on trangias. Then drying our wet suits and blissfully falling into a night of tired sleep. The next day up you get up, take down tents, pack up, load the raft and you’re off for another adventurous day rafting and back to those exciting rapids 

Rafting on the Yarra with Out Doors Inc

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