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My (Work) Experience at the You Yangs

By Claire

Hi everyone, my name is Claire and I got to spend a week at Out Doors as part of my work experience placement. I was lucky enough to get the amazing opportunity to explore The You Yangs Ranges with so many lovely people. Here’s a short trip review of my time at the You Yangs.

We got there just in time for it to stop raining and the air was unbelievably crisp and fresh. Before starting, we enjoyed some morning tea, and I had one of the best protein bars I think I’ve ever had (it was the salted caramel nut one. I recommend.) It was a little bit cold at the beginning but once we got going it was the perfect temperature.

We had a great time walking along the track looking at the huge granite rocks and lush green grass. We stopped along the trail for lunch in a beautiful spot with really interesting tall, skinny trees. The bread rolls were really good (I also recommend). We walked a bit more and passed a small pond with some cute little ducks. Eventually, we came to an opening with the ‘Bunjil Geoglyph,’ which is a recent Aboriginal sculpture in the shape of an eagle that can be seen from up high. Because we were right next to it, we couldn’t see the full picture, but nonetheless, it was cool to see.

After getting back up the mountain, we enjoyed some hot drinks and had a great view over the trees. On the way back to Out Doors we saw lots of kangaroos and farm animals like cows, horses and tonnes of sheep and lambs. I saw this really odd flock of white sheep with black and white lambs. They had almost cow print-like wool.

I had an awesome time talking to all the amazing people and experiencing the nature, culture, and fresh air.

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