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Liz’s Hot Tip For Spring

By Liz McMillan

Spring is traditionally a time for spring cleaning your home, but as we awaken from winter hibernation, it is also a great time to rethink your diet, sleep routine and physical activity. This can all help our mood and overall wellbeing and could include:

  1. Spring cleaning -There is much to be said for tidying up the clutter to not only make your living spaces feel larger and cleaner but also to help your mind feel clearer and calmer, which is especially important right now. Finding a specific place to put your things will not only keep them out of your way, but also make it easier and less stressful when you need to find important items. It is also a good way of getting active while indoors!
  2. Diet – replace heavier winter fare of soups and stews with lighter salad greens, veggies and fish dishes with lots of fresh herbs to help you feel lighter and more active.
  3. Get active – As the days get longer and warmer, now is the time to get outside and active, whether it’s gardening or walking around your neighbourhood with a friend admiring the spring flowers. Soaking up the sun and getting a good dose of Vitamin D will also help boost mood, bone health and immunity.
  4. Sleep – the dark days of winter combined with being indoors a lot can throw your sleep routine off track. If so, using spring to reset can be the go. Getting up (preferably with natural light is possible) and going to bed at consistent times can be a good start. Avoiding caffeine in the afternoon as well as heavy meals, exercise and too much screen time a couple of hours before bed can all help as well.

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