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Participant Stories: “Skipping”


By John Gannon

How to get fit during a lockdown or no lockdown!

I find skipping is a great cardiovascular workout. I find that it’s cheap, and my fitness has greatly improved with this daily routine. It has helped me keep fit whilst enduring lockdown at home.

Starting from scratch? 

I started with 30 seconds of skipping each day. After one week I increased my skipping time by one minute and continued to increase my skipping time by one minute each week. Once I reached five minutes, I started to alternate one minute of skipping with one minute of doing a key exercise such as squats, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges etc.

I then built up to 15 minutes of exercise (10 minutes skipping, 5 minutes exercises.) I kept doing this every day, but if you’re not fit you can do less every day, or do every second day and build up.

Feel free to add more exercises, and increase the skipping further. I also add a minute of shadow boxing into the routine every minute after the five-minute mark, increasing the workout to 20 minutes.

The hardest part is consistency doing it every day. It helps to have a set time to work out every day to make it consistent. Feel free to just skip if you want to or add/subtract from the routine.

Happy skipping.

John G 

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