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Participant Stories: “Our Bright Adventure”


By Brad Virgona

A holiday that l really enjoyed with Out Doors Inc. was Bright in December 2019. 

We stayed at the caravan park in Bright in really nice cabins, and each cabin had an air conditioner which was excellent as the week we were there it was quite warm weather. 

The caravan park had an in-ground swimming pool and spa, which was lots of fun for participants. We did about 10 kilometres of Bushwalking whilst we were in Bright and took plenty of drinking water with us due to the hot weather. 

It’s always good to remain active and do exercise – you always have the opportunity for exercise on an Out Doors’ program. 

One of the evenings we were there, we went to a Thai Restaurant for dinner and had a delicious banquet. 

On other evenings, we did yoga inside and outside, which helped us all wind down for the evening and relax. It was perfect for a better nights sleep. 

On another day we went to Mt Buffalo National Park and prepared our lunch at the facilities on the grounds and afterwards went for a big walk around the lake. 

It is beautiful at Mt Buffalo, and it was great to go on a holiday away with participants that l knew from previous holidays. 

Bright is a beautiful country town, and l would love to go there to stay again with Out Doors Inc. I really get a lot from the programs with Out Doors Inc and look forward to many more. 

Out Doors has really changed my life as it has enabled me to grow as a person and challenge myself. 

It has enabled me to meet new people and make some friends and also become involved in the participant newsletter, ‘Out Doors Ink’. 

Thank you Out Doors for the support and encouragement which has made my life better. 

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