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COVID-19 Update: Melbourne Restrictions to Ease


Acting Victorian Premier James Merlino announced that the 25km travel limit will be removed and travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria will resume from 11.59pm Thursday 17 June.

Two visitors per day (plus dependants) will be permitted to gather inside the home in metro Melbourne, and up to five people (plus dependants) in regional Victoria.

Twenty people can gather outside in Melbourne, and 50 in regional Victoria. Masks will continue to be required indoors but they are no longer required outdoors – however, they’ll still be recommended when you can’t maintain physical distancing.

For further information please visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) website, which will be updated as additional information becomes available.

What does this mean for Out Doors?

Accommodation is restricted to single households plus two adults, which means the Out Doors overnight programs due to take place between the 21st – 25th of June have been cancelled. Participants who are registered to attend these programs will be contacted by Out Doors Inc. staff to discuss alternative options. We will continue to monitor the latest advice from the Victorian Government and follow their advice and recommendations.

If you need to get in touch with us, please Contact Us.

What are the restrictions?

Source: The Victorian Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) website

For those in Greater Melbourne:
From 11:59 pm Thursday 17 June:

  • The 25km limit on your travel will be removed.
  • Two visitors will be allowed in the home per day, while public gatherings will increase to 20 outside.
  • Businesses can reopen including gyms, indoor entertainment venues and electronic gaming
  • Hospitality venues can host up to 25 people before applying the density quota
  • The rule that if you can work from home you should work from home remains, but office workers will be able to return up to 50 per cent or up to 20 people, whichever is greater.
  • Competition and community support can return. There is no limit on travel for sport.
  • Masks are no longer required outdoors, however, it is still recommended if you cannot maintain at least 1.5m of distance to others.
  • Everyone must continue to wear masks indoors, whether it is shopping, on a train or at a workplace.

Regional Victoria also has eased restrictions
From 11:59 pm Thursday 17 June:

  • Public gatherings increase to 50 people.
  • Restaurants and cafes can have 300 patrons for seated service.
  • Smaller venues can have up to 25 people, before density quotas apply. 
  • Religious services capped at 300 people. 
  • Funerals capped at 100, weddings up to 50. 
  • Officer caps increased to 75 per cent or 30 people, whichever is greater. 
  • Visitors at the home will be five per day, including dependants.

We all need to continue to play our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

What if I need to talk to someone?

If you or anyone you know needs to talk to someone during this time, contact:

Keep safe during this difficult time and will keep you updated via email and our FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts. 

Media Contact: Iudita Trifa-Schmidt, or (03) 9417 2111.

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