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Meet the Team: Pei Ting

Meet the Team: Pei Ting

Pei Ting has been a full-time Program Coordinator with Out Doors for a few months now, so we thought it was about time we got to know a bit more about her…

When did you first become involved with Out Doors Inc and how did it come about?

I first inquired about a Program Coordinator role a few years ago, and I came on board to work as a sessional staff at the start of 2021. I was looking for an outdoor job based in Melbourne, and I was attracted to working with the community that Out Doors Inc. serves which normally does not have access to the outdoors.

What is your role now with Out Doors?

Program Coordinator

What is your favourite thing to do at Out Doors?

My favourite thing to do on Out Doors trips which are different from other outdoor work is the ability to kick back around the campfire and have good chats with participants.

Where is your favourite place to visit with Out Doors?

The best trip I have been on so far is a 5-day canoeing trip on the Upper Murray River. However, I have not done that many trips in pandemic times – I imagine I would love going to the High Plains and the snow.

Have you always enjoyed being in nature, where did your love of nature and the great Out Doors come from?

Yes – I first went on a camping trip when I was 12 years old. I told my mum I want to skip a high school entrance exam because I want to stay longer at the camp. I was involved in Scouts In high school; then I went on some long expeditions as a young person to Borneo and Nepal.

I love the adventure aspect of discovering new places and testing out my limits in challenging situations. I also love being out in nature, and I love taking photos when I am outside. That all eventually led me to come to Australia to do a Cert IV in Outdoor Recreation. And since then, I have made the outdoors my workplace and have not gotten tired of It yet.

What is your favourite activity or thing to do in the outdoors?

My favourites change every few years. The last few years I was really into mountain biking and cross-country skiing. These days I am spending a lot more time rock climbing and snorkelling. But if I have to pick It will be the bicycle – I love long-distance touring and I want to start bikepacking.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

Tasmania. It truly has everything wonderful the outdoors can offer.

Tell us something that other people may not know about you?

I can speak 4 languages, but English is still my main language (although I count in Chinese).

What do you do when you’re having your own mental health challenges?

I like to get on a mountain bike and get into some forest trails. If I can go away, then I will pack up and spend a few days up in the Victorian High Plains. I love the fresh mountain air and snowgums.

What is your favourite movie?

The Sound of Music. I found a little exercise book written full of lyrics from the show that was written by my mum when she was a teenager. Also – mountains.

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