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Participant Stories: “Highlight Of The Year”

By the Out Doors Ink Team

2021 was another challenging year for most of us but we thought it would be nice to look back at some of the positives that came out of the year.

Stephen: For me personally, getting out and enjoying the Fitzroy Gardens on a daily basis during lockdown was a wonderful experience and escape. Especially the time l went down to do an article for Outdoors Ink. Taking photos in the early morning as the sun was shining was a very humbling and “in-the-moment” experience. Here are some of those photos. Hope you enjoy them…

Tammy: The highlight of my year was the camp at Torquay. I really enjoyed the program which included an active endeavour to create an artwork (masterpiece). The result was a beautiful combination of individual pieces created by our group which we were able to mosaic together, representing our experience of the environment using art materials and patterns. I’m very thankful to Mo facilitating the process of creating art with us.

Liz: My highlight for this year was starting work as the Administrative Officer at Out Doors Inc. It has been such a pleasure for me to be welcomed onboard as part of the team in April this year. Everyone has been super warm, welcoming and supportive. I’m looking forward to continuing in 2022!

Cal: One of the highlights of 2021 was my first outdoors adventure after lockdowns ended. I woke up early and drove to Healesville where I met a mate before driving up and over the Black Spur to the Cathedral Ranges. It was a great day of hiking with beautiful views and included a scramble through a tight cave on the way up to Sugarloaf Peak. It was great to be back in nature, catching up with mates, and exploring a beautiful part of the world. Here are a couple of photos.

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