Participant Stories: “Make Your Own Cabbage Patch”

John has everything you need to know about growing cabbages and a couple of delicious recipes you can use once they're ready for harvest....

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Participant Stories: “Growing Chilli”

Spice up your meals over summer by growing your own chillis this summer. They're easy to grow and you don't need much space....

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Spring Veggies Planting Guide

Spring is the time to plant all warm-season vegetables ... some need heat to germinate while others need warm weather to ripen for eating....

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Spring Flowers

Ever wondered how much work goes into the Fitzroy Gardens Springtime display? Stephen has you covered!! He's also taken some great shots of the new Spring flowers....

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Participant Stories: โ€œGrowing Garlic”

Garlic is a great root vegetable to grow for autumn/winter as it grows best in cool weather...

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