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Wilsons Prom Review

By Stephen Duff

Greetings fellow travellers (as in this journey we call life)! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Wilsons Prom 5-day trip in late December 21′.

For me personally, it was just what the doctor ordered (not officially, but you know what l mean), after 2 years of lockdowns and some very challenging times it felt amazing to get away from the city and out into nature.

It was my first time in this beautiful and exquisite part of south-east Victoria, and it truly didn’t disappoint. We were led by some terrific staff, who were always extremely mindful, understanding, and inclusive of the group’s needs… even before we knew we needed them.

Great food, amazing company, and some absolutely stunning locations set the tone from beginning to end. l even got to see the International Space Station twice for the first time, amongst the backdrop of our own stunning Milky Way Galaxy… wowee!

I’ll let the pictures tell the true story, but it was an amazing trip, which l highly recommend if you get the chance in the future.

Till them my friends…


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