Participant Stories: “The Benefits of Gardening”

22/9/2020 By John Gannon Why Garden?  Personally I find gardening relaxing and therapeutic. I like watching things grow, gaining a yield, and cooking up the bounty. Growing locally in your backyard or pots on the balcony introduces you to the world of diverse plants, many which are nutritious and healthy to eat.…...

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Participant Stories: “Our Bright Adventure”

26/7/2020 By Brad Virgona A holiday that l really enjoyed with Out Doors Inc. was Bright in December 2019. ...

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Walking Maps of Melbourne #getoutdoors

21/9/2020 By Asher – Out Doors’ Program Coordinator The Victorian Government’s lockdown in response to the COVID-19 outbreak has been a tough journey for everyone – especially when it comes to mental health....

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Participant Stories: “Not a Patch on Wilsons Prom”

26/7/2020 By Bernie McCormick August marks Bernie’s involvement in Out Doors Inc for thirty years, and he reflected on this with Mo recently.   “That’s half a lifetime! I first did a 3-month program in 1991 when Out Doors was in Napier Street in the back of the church building.…...

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Participant Stories – “Sydney Rock Orchids – Dendrobiums”

26/7/2020 By Tim Heywood The Sydney Rock Orchid is my favourite. They love to hang on to Sydney’s sandstone rock and escarpments, particularly. I remember the days gone by as a young wannabee local at a holiday village near the Hawkesbury River mouth in Brisbane Waters National Park. On the…...

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