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Participant Stories: “Getting Out and About”


By Tammy Krslin

For most people, last year has been challenging, to say the least, starting with the devastating fires across the East coast and quickly leading to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Isolation forced a lot of us to reflect on how we live our lives and what truly matters to us. We’ve all coped with various stages of restrictions very differently. Some of us discovered we and/or our children are a lot more resilient than what we ever knew.  Some lost their jobs and some were lucky to be able to work from home. Some people had to do lockdown in solitude and did not feel human touch or see anyone for months.  

This year required organisations and people to approach things differently and l was very grateful to engage with Outdoors Inc and contribute to the Newsletter Media Group.  After a very long waitlist and when programs resumed l was very excited to participate in Out Doors Inc. canoeing activities on the Yarra River which was so enjoyable.  Spending time in the natural environment especially on the water and in good company is truly healing for the soul. 

2020 has changed the way most of us look at the world in a profound way, these are some of the things I’ll be living by in the future. 😊 

Take the time to do the things in life that make you happy – don’t wait. 💚 

Surround yourself with genuine people who bring you up. 💜 

Follow your dream career, it’s NEVER too late. ❤️ 

Explore and learn about this amazing country we are so very lucky to live in. 🧡 

Travel to all of the countries you’ve been talking about for years. 💛 

Visit and spend time with the people you love and care about. 💙 

Hug often and show people you care! 🖤 

Happy New Year and here’s to a much happier year in 2021! 🥳 

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