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Mental Health Month in Review


By Out Doors Inc.

October 2020 saw the Mental Health Foundation’s ‘Mental Health Month’ take place across Australia to help raise awareness of mental health issues in our society. 

Out Doors Inc., a leading provider of outdoor adventure and recreation activities for better mental health for more than 30 years was no different, hosting several free community events to help support the cause: 

Temporary Creations Webinar – 13/10 

Hosted by Out Doors’ Program Coordinator, Ben, participants were invited to engage their senses in their surroundings from their own outdoor space. Whether it be a park, along a creek, at the beach or in their backyard and then getting a little bit creative with what participants could find around them in the natural world. 

The session was finished with a breathing/meditation exercise to help participants head home refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Some of the creations made by participants, and Ben’s outdoor office (bottom right).

Interactive Williamstown Walk – 14/10 

Hosted by Out Doors’ Program Coordinator, Asher, participants were invited to join Asher on an interactive walk through Williamstown’s beautiful coastline, joining Asher via Zoom from their own walk. 

Earlier in the month, Asher released his 12 ‘Walking Maps of Melbourne’ so that participants could go on guided walks through some of Melbourne’s scenic regions. 

Bike Maintenance Tutorial – 22/10 

Hosted by Out Doors’ Program Coordinator, Gavin, participants were invited to a tutorial on mountain bike maintenance in preparation for summer. 

Gavin preparing for his Bike Maintenance tutorial.

The Benefits of Being Outdoors Presentation – 24/10 

Out Doors’ was invited to present to the Mental Health Foundation on ‘the Benefits of Being Outdoors’, and Program Manager, Dave and Health Promotion Coordinator, Sophia, presented via Zoom to the audience. 

If you missed it, you can watch their presentation here. (skip to 27 minutes) 

FREE Mental Health First Aid Course – 26 & 27/10 

To help raise awareness of mental health issues, Out Doors’ staff Dave, Maureen and Dan (accredited Mental Health First Aid instructors) provided a free Mental Health First Aid course to 10 leaders of CALD communities (check with Sophia), split up over two days and hosted online. The course was paid for by Out Doors Inc. 

If you’d like to learn more about Out Doors’ Mental Health First Aid courses, click here

Yoga Nidra Webinar – 29/10 

Hosted by Out Doors’ Staff Member and experienced Yoga instructor, Amanda, participants were invited to take part in a guided, easy and relaxing session of Yoga Nidra. 

If you missed it, you can watch Amanda’s Yoga Nidra webinar here.

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