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Meet the Team: Gavin Jesson


By Gavin Jesson

Hi Folks.

My name is Gavin.

I came on board with Out Doors Inc. in March 2020 as a Program Coordinator. This year I have moved into the Intake and Community Liaison Coordinator role.

I’ve been working in the Outdoor Ed industry since 2012. Before Out Doors Inc. I predominantly worked with schools and other community groups, running and coordinating outdoor ed trips.

Some of my personal interests include riding bikes, running, strength training, reading books and hanging out with my two greyhounds.

The main part of my role is managing the Intake Process for people wanting to become participants of Out Doors Inc. Below is a brief outline of how to get involved.

Initial Referral

We aim to eliminate as many barriers as possible during the referral process. This means anyone can be referred to Out Doors Inc. through any of our communication channels. These include email, mail, in-person and phone call. Typically once someone enquires about accessing Out Doors Inc’s services I will get in contact with them directly within the week to discuss eligibility and talk through the process below.


There are two streams of funding that are required to be eligible for Out Doors Inc. programs.

New Participant Information Session

These sessions are designed for those who want to learn a bit more about Out Doors Inc’s services and what we are about as an organisation. We discuss our trips, our staff, our ethos, our participant culture and funding requirements. If participants are returning after some time away from Out Doors Inc., or if they’re really keen to get involved with our programs this session can be skipped with the new potential participant proceeding straight to the Intake Interview.

Intake Interview

Either after a New Participant Information Session or if a potential new participant is really keen to get involved they can attend an Intake Interview. This interview takes place in person at the Out Doors Inc. office. The interview establishes whether we are the best service for the new participant. Explores their mental health history, programs of interest and participant rights and responsibilities from the Participant Handbook. At the end of the interview, it is my aim to have the participant well informed about how Out Doors Inc. works, their rights and responsibilities, a profile created about that participant and them booked in on their first day and overnight program.

Thanks, Gav


Every month, Out Doors Inc. gives our Participants a chance to share their stories and passion projects. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, contact us at


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    Ruben says

    Keep up the great work Gav. Proud of you! 🙏

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