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Meet the Team: Emma

Meet the Team: Emma

Emma has been a Program Coordinator with Out Doors for a while now and has been the brains behind some of our most popular programs this year. We sat down with her to discuss her love for the outdoors and got to know a bit more about her…

When did you first become involved with Out Doors Inc and how did it come about?

Mid 2021, although I had signed up in Feb 2020 the pandemic stalled my progress. I had heard about ODI in 2012 and moved to back to VIC in 2020 to enable me to pursue my career in VIC.

What is your role now with Out Doors?

I am a Program Coordinator.

What is your favourite thing to do at Out Doors?

I enjoy discovering new places with participants, and anytime we have an activity on or in the water.

Where is your favourite place to visit with Out Doors?

The Bay of Islands has been the best-underrated location I have visited with ODI yet, but I am also looking forward to all the new places to discover with ODI.

Have you always enjoyed being in nature, where did your love of nature and the great Out Doors come from?

Yes, I have been a nature fan for as long as l can remember. My Opa fostered my love for nature by taking me kayaking, rambling through bushland and enjoying holidays to the ocean from a young age. My passion for the great outdoors became a career and an obsession when I visited the Lakes District in England and the old-growth forests in Tasmania.

What is your favourite activity or thing to do in the outdoors?

Anything to do with water or frozen water.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

Tasmania, Mongolia, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand… oh that is a tough question to answer!

What do you do when you’re having your own mental health challenges?

I walk my dog or potter in the garden.

What is your favourite movie?

Equal firsts: Into the Wild and Captain Fantastic.

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