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Creative Recycling Project – the Responses!


By Mo Carey and our Participants

During the days of our Melbourne lockdown, we invited our readers to participate in a creative recycling project aimed at transforming rubbish destined for landfill into objects of use and unique beauty. Here are a few diverse examples of people’s ingenuity and talent.  

Each item also gives us a glimpse of what they got up to during our days of lockdown.

Recycled Computer – Peter W 

“I recycled an old Core i5 Computer, which was obtained from hard rubbish with permission. I refurbished it with some good parts and installed Linux Mint 19 and customised it for security. It now runs just as well as any modern computer in many cases, if not better due to its superior security. I obtained a lot of satisfaction saving a computer from hard rubbish and being able to use it instead of buying one.”

Quail Sand Bath – Anonymous Participant

“I made an indoor sand bath for my quails out of 10-litre spring water bottles and it works really well, and they love it! 

I also recycled 100 CD/DVD containers for individual indoor sand baths.”

Container Gardening – Richard S

This Week’s SightingRobyn D

“I am a nature lover and hiker and subscriber to your newsletters. I work as a Teacher Aide in a special school and as a kitchen gardener in a mainstream setting where I have sessions with children in the garden. I love being in the world with others and sharing its magnificence.  

Spending more time at home alone, I have become aware that many creatures visit my garden. Each week during the most recent lockdown I have drawn on an old cardboard box a bird I have seen that week. The birds are a reminder to me that the world is rich. The birds are placed in my front garden which has a low fence. When working from the front room of my house I can see adults and children look for the birds as they walk by.  
I think this is a great project. I need to start on this week’s bird now. They arrive in the garden late on a Sunday afternoon. ” 

Recycled Art Projects for Kids – Chris P

“Keeping the kids busy during school holidays while in lockdown was essential to everyone’s mental health in the family. Carton boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, tissue boxes, milk and egg cartons, old newspaper were all precious means used to fire up our children creativity and to share their universe.” 

My Son’s Truck Shed – Chris P 

“While it is impossible to be clutter-free at home with kids, another project undertaken during school holidays in lock-down was about sorting out the ever-growing mess, partly due to his unmanaged toys situation in the corridor. After having a quick look at a couple of old tomato stakes, unused bits and pieces of plywood, a chunk of the plastic roof and an abandoned poster board found in the street, the project of building a small outdoor shed for his trucks was born.”

 Every month, Out Doors Inc. gives our Participants a chance to share their stories and passion projects. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, contact us at


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    Helen says

    Those trucks have a proud home.

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